Jupiter Yantra Amulet

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Amulet Yantra of Jupiter consecrated on parchment according to the Tradition by a Brahman. Use for: Studies, creativity, harmony and emotional and family happiness. Brings prosperity in business, commerce, improves the functions of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, promotes the growth of children as well as their studies. Relieves depression, apathy and brings dynamism. Bring joy and well-being. The planetary Yantras, veritable magic squares of the planets according to the venerable tradition of India, are powerful harmonizers of people and places. They neutralize and re-harmonize the geobiological nuisances in the places where they are placed. In humans, they neutralize unbalanced planetary influences, bring comfort and security, success and harmony. Their radius is 7 to 10 meters enveloping with a protective and beneficial aura. Yantra presented in a bespoke frame. Yantra amulet presented in a bespoke silver reliquary.

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