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Welcome to the site of enthusiasts and collectors of Amulets from Thailand !


Practicing Buddhism for more than 30 years, I want you to discover these amazing objects that are Thai Amulets.

I discovered this age-old art during numerous trips to Thailand and Asia.

Being able to share these sacred objects with you is for me but also for you a source of blessings.

All the amulets come directly from the temples or from the venerable masters of Thai Theravada Buddhism who always sell them either to renovate and build temples or to support charity in Thailand.

I have selected for you amulets of excellent quality, rare and authentic sold at the right price.

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A few words about Thai Buddhist Amulets and Talismans.

In Thailand it is not conceivable to live without carrying an Amulet or a Talisman. They are everywhere and an indispensable element in the life of a Thai.

The Thai Amulets are, above all, powerful magic objects consecrated and sometimes charged for months by a master initiated into the powerful magic "Visha" and in no case of vulgar "gris-gris" or industrial lucky charms that one can find on the internet or elsewhere.

The search for materials, magic powders, rare plants but also the design of the moulds, engraving and manual painting... necessary for the manufacture of the Amulet or the Talisman sometimes takes months for the master and his disciples.

Traditionally an Amulet from a temple is consecrated and charged in 5 steps:

1) The chanting of powerful mantras.

During this session, many monks, sometimes hundreds, chant powerful mantras in order to bless all the Amulets that have been placed in the center of the room. Many monks concentrate their minds and chant many of these powerful mantras in Pali (ancient language). You can see in the video below that all the monks are carrying a long gathered white silk cord which then comes to touch all the boxes containing the Amulets in order to be charged and blessed. When the monks have focused their minds and recited powerful mantras, the supernatural "visha" power is generated and permeates the Amulets like an electric current. All chanted mantras are very powerful and have a very specific meaning. Therefore, the supernatural power produced by these mantras creates an excellent "magical intention", the beginning of the whole ceremony. The period of this session lasts a minimum of two hours and sometimes whole days.


2) The traditional dance of adoration of the Devas.

The second session is called "Thai classical dance to worship the Devas". In this session, many Thai girls, dressed traditionally, perform classical Thai dance in front of Brahma (four-faced) statue to worship Brahma and all devas to ask them to bless all Amulets, charge them of their power or even sometimes share their powerful spirit and reside in the Amulets.


3) Supplication to Brahma and the Devas.

The third session is called "discourse to ask for the blessing of the devas". In this session, a man dressed in white, the “Brahman”, asks for the blessing of Brahma and all the devas in order to charge their power in all the amulets or even share their spirit in order to reside in the amulets.


4) Lighting of the holy candle.

The fourth session is called "Holy Candle Lighting". In this session, the senior monk who conducts the blessing ceremony lights a holy candle as an offering to indicate to the monks the start of meditation. This step is an opportunity to invite a large number of powerful and sometimes well-known masters in Thailand and throughout Asia.


​5) Charge amulets with the power of the Spirit.

The fifth session is called "Charging the Amulets with the power of the spirit". In this session, many monks and powerful masters, sometimes very famous, are invited and practice meditation in order to generate a powerful energy which will finalize the charge. of all the amulets Very often luminous balls representing the blessing of the Devas appear in the assembly and are actually visible.


Now you can realize the immense work that is necessary for the manufacture of an authentic Amulet or Talisman and also why we find 95% of "fakes" on the internet or in online auction sites.

A video of the venerable Kruba Thame Muni at work, notice the energy released by his practice