Pae Rong Si Bracelet Kruba Krisana

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Rare ! Pae Rong Si bracelet by Kruba Krisana in Alpaca engraved with Magical Yants. Ajarn Pae Rong Si was a well-known master in the Pathum Thani region and loved by the people for his great magical ability and great compassion in helping sentient beings even though he was a Chinese immigrant. The power of Pae Rong Si's image is famous for being able to cast out, banish and cast out all evil Spirits and Demons. This bracelet brings great protection against physical and occult dangers, luck and prosperity in business, improvement of the karma of the wearer, transformation of adverse situations into the opposite, promotion and improvement of family relations. Bracelet delivered with the image of Pae Rong Si to place in your home and a small Pha Yant.  

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