Phra Khunpaen Kanchong LP Chamnan

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Rare and powerful! The Phra Khunpaen Kanchong is a particularly powerful amulet due to the ingredients that compose it. It was made using a magic powder (Muan Sarn) containing hundreds of plants, pollens, minerals, Yantra powders (Pong Lob)... according to a secret composition. 3 Takuts and enchanted jewels with powerful spells are also present. It is an amulet that brings great protection against dangers of all kinds, good business, seduction and increased charm, luck in games, popularity, social or professional promotion. LP Chamnan is recognized as a high-ranking master of national significance, with hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. The power of his Amulets has been proven by devotees around the world for many years and his Amulets remain among the most popular of the current era. Piece presented with the temple box in a custom-made reliquary. 

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