Ring of powers Pirod Ajarn Plian

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Rare and powerful! Ring of power Pirod of Ajarn Plian made from magic metal Nawa (Alchemy of 5 magic metals) and which was consecrated during important ceremonies (Wai Kroo) by Ajarn Plian as well as many Khmer wizards of Surin then received the blessings and magical charges of LP Prohm at Wat Ban Suan. This Khmer animist occult charm type talismanic amulet, originating from the sorcerers and Buddhist masters of Surin province is an extremely ancient form of witchcraft used by the ancient peoples of Southeast Asia for as long as human memory can remember. memory. Worn by the warriors of Antiquity, the ring brings the powers of domination over others (Maha Amnaj magic spell) and vulnerability to physical and occult dangers of all kinds (Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad magic spells). This ring of powers also brings charm and a constant influence on others, gives you goodwill and affection from those around you, but also a lot of luck and helps to increase your wealth. A few rare copies available in sizes 58,60,62,64,66 with the original temple box.  

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