Mahe Sirih Kruba Tamma Muni

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Rare and powerful! Mahe Sirih (Feminine Spirit) amulet of Kruba Tamma Muni made from Magic powder, takuts, Yants and Nam Man Prai oil with very powerful spells of powerful Khmer Visha Magic. This Amulet is particularly rare due to the 108 magic ingredients that compose it and the low number of copies. It brings an aura of incomparable charm and seduction, invulnerability to dangers as well as to the evil Spirits and spells of Black Magic, the increase in wealth, luck in games (if your Karma allows it). The masters who are able to create this type of Amulet are very few and the price flies away as soon as the object is no longer available. Piece presented in a custom waterproof reliquary.

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