Phra Yodh LP Phrom

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Very rare and powerful! Phra Yodh by LP Phrom depicting the Buddha of the future Maitreya and his entourage on the front side and an imprint of a leaf from the Bodhi tree on the back side. Made from a magic powder comprising more than 108 Magic ingredients, all gilded with fine gold with a Lek Laï pearl inserted in the center. This Amulet is particularly powerful and very rare because only the powerful Ajarn Chum now deceased and LP Phrom know this very powerful (wicha) and very old magic spell which dates from the kingdom of Lopburi (from the 7th to the 13th century). This Amulet provides great protection against physical dangers (illnesses, accidents, attacks...) but also occult (bewitchment, evil eye, evil spirits...) by warding off the danger or allowing you to escape it. It also promotes luck, wealth, social advancement as well as power and domination over others. Large 6.5CM/4.5CM Amulet presented in a bespoke reliquary.

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