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Biographies of the Buddhist Masters

Biographies of the Buddhist Masters



These small biographies and photos will help you visualize the masters and thus receive their many blessings! Do not hesitate to send me a message to improve or complete them if necessary because translations are not easy to do ;-)


*** Phra Somdej Toh Phramarangsi (1788-1872)Somdej_Toh

Somdej Toh was born on April 17, 1788 (BE 2331). One of the most famous Buddhist monks of the Rattanakosin period. He is believed to be the son of King Rama II. He was ordained a novice monk in 1800 (BE 2343) at the age of 12 and a monk in 1807 (BE2350) under the royal patronage of Wat Praseeratanasasadaram (Wat Phra kaeo) in Bangkok. He studied the Buddhist scriptures of the Pali canon with several Buddhist masters. The venerable monk was known to be a good speaker as well as an extremely intelligent and compassionate person.

His tenure in the monastery began during the reign of King Rama I until the reign of King Rama IV, a total of 65 years. He was known for his skill in preaching and used Thai poetry to reflect the beauty of Buddhism and to make amulets called Phra Somdej. This highly revered Phra Somdej amulet comes from Wat Rakhang (Bell Temple) in Bangkok.

In 1864 (BE 2407), at the age of 76 during the reign of Rama IV, Somdej Toh was given the ceremonial name Phra Buddhacara Toh Phramarangsi.

Somdej Toh died on June 22, 1872 (BE 2415) at the age of 85. He is probably one of the most respected monks in Thailand. His Amulets are particularly rare and powerful for physical and occult protection, promoting luck, transforming adverse situations and helping to grant wishes of all kinds.


*** LP KALONG ou GARLONG (1918-2009).


Luang Phu Kalong is considered one of the greatest "magician" of Thailand, his amulets protect against evil spirits, curses and black magic! They will also provide power, happiness and prosperity to their happy owners.


Luang Phu Kalong belongs to the most mysterious monks in Thailand, he was born on Saturday 10.01.2461 (1918) in Changwat Pathum Thani with a crystal tooth in the middle of the palace! His mother was the younger sister of the very famous Luang Pho Niam, at that time abbot of Wat Ban Noi.

Luang Phu Kalong was ordained at the age of 20 in Wat Naboon Pathum Thani. His uncle, Venerable Luang Pho Niam, was the Phra Uppatcha (coordinating monk) in the ordination of Luang Phu Kalong. Luang Phu Kalong was a disciple of the greatest monks of his time, among others: de Luang Pho Niam, Luang Pho Thong and Luang Pho Nieng as well as Luang Pho Pae, the former abbot of Wat Suthat in Bangkok, who was also the patriarch of the province of Bangkok.

LP Kalong learned the magic arts in the secret books of the Lersis some dating back 2000 years for more than twenty years in the company of powerful lersis and great magicians in Cambodia and Thailand. His amulets are now very rare and much copied.


*** LP KOON ou KHUN (1923 - 2015). 


Luang Pho Koon, sometimes written Luang Pho Khun has a legendary reputation and is known all over the world. His Thai amulets are among the most popular and effective in Thailand. There is probably no one in Thailand who does not know who Venerable Luang Pho Khun is. His amulets and statues are ubiquitous and can be found on the altar of many shops, hotels, restaurants and offices. His amulets will protect you against misfortune, accidents and disease. They will give you a lot of luck, a good and long life and prosperity.

Luang Pho Koon Parisuttho was a living legend and by far one of Thailand's most famous monks! Since his disappearance, his amulets have been particularly sought after.


*** LP SAMRIT (1923-1996).


Luang Pho Samrit Kamphiro (Phra Khru Kanchana Kitchathorn) was one of the great monks of Kanchanaburi province and founder of the famous Wat Thamfad temple with its Leklai cave. For many years he learned the magical arts from the great masters of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. His Leklai amulets belong to the most effective protective amulets in Thailand. While talking with ghosts in ancient Khmer ruins, Luang Pho Samrit developed a method of meditation and helped the spirits to ascend towards the light and thus obtain peace of mind.

Luang Pho Samrit rests in a glass coffin at Wat Thamfad. His current successor who was his most faithful disciple is the venerable LP Watchara.


*** LP POON (1912-2005).

lppoonLuang Pho Poon was born in the Year of the Rat, Monday 11/11/2455 (1912) in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. He was the sixth of 10 children of Mr. and Mrs. Somniang Phinthong. At the age of 22 he entered the Royal Siamese Army and served King Phrajadhipok (Rama VII) for 18 months. In the year of the buffalo, on Sunday 05/09/2480 (1937), he was ordained at Wat Phra Ngaam in Changwat (Nakhon Pathom). From 05/12/2492 (1949) until his death he was the abbot of Wat Pailom. Luang Pho Poon died on Sunday, 22.05.2548 (2005) at 2:55 p.m. at Samithiwet Hospital in Bangkok. His Royal Highness, King Bhumibol Rama IX personally delivered a golden coffin as well as the utensils in honor of this great monk on 25/5/2548 at Wat Pailom. His amulets are particularly sought after and effective.


*** LP PERN (1923-2002).


Luang Pho Pern Thitakuno was born on August 12, 1923 (BE 2466) in Tambon Bang Gaew, Nakhon Pathom province. Shortly after his birth his parents moved to the village of Ban Nong in the province of Suphanburi. Suphanburi was at that time the most dangerous province in Thailand. At that time, bands of highway robbers like the Nak Laeng band behaved like predators and sneaked around like panthers or tigers. It is said that the gangsters who died afterward had come to be reborn as a tiger or a panther and came to seek refuge in the temple with the Venerable Luang Pho Pern which is why the Venerable was called "the king of tigers".

When Luang Pho Pern was still a layman he already practiced magic and made amulets for protection against dangers of all kinds. At that time Luang Pho Pern felt strongly drawn to the invulnerability magic used by legendary fighters for centuries. During this period he studied magic under famous grand masters and became one of Thailand's greatest "white magicians".

He became a pupil of Luang Pho Daeng whose full name was Phra Khru Yanna Vilad and who also taught the famous (still living) Luang Pho Koon Parisuttho, abbot of Wat Banrai. At that time, Luang Pho Daeng was not yet the abbot of Wat Khao Bandai but a monk at Wat Tung Kork, Luang Pho Pern's native village. Luang Pho Pern remained for a long time the disciple of the famous Luang Pho Daeng, then he became the pupil of Luang Pho Hnoeng at Wat Klong Madan, another great master of Buddhist magic of that time.

Luang Pho Pern was ordained at the age of 26 by Phra Ajahn Huem who from then on became his teacher of Buddhism and magic. Moreover, he was the pupil of Agkara Khorm with whom he learned the combination and the use of Yants. The Yants and amulets of Luang Pho Pern are known for their beauty and magical forces all over the world.

For years, Luang Pho Pern practiced Vipassana meditation, until he reached perfection to become a student of the legendary Luang Pho Opassi, also a great magician.

Then Luang Pho Pern decided to spend a few years as a forest monk (tudong) in the border area of ​​Burma, in the province of Kanchanaburi, in western Thailand. He lived in the deep jungle, where at that time there were still dangerous animal species and where you could catch many diseases.

Because Luang Pho Pern was always helping everyone with his magic forces, he was the most loved and honored in the province. Therefore, the people of Kanchanaburi asked him to become abbot of Wat Tung Hlorg Naang temple for 5 years. Then he returned to live in the jungle to meditate.

In 1966 (BE2509) the inhabitants of Nakhon Pathom erected a statue in his honor in front of Wat Tung Hlorg Naang where he was abbot at that time. This was a sign of great admiration and gratitude for his good deeds and all he had given to the people of Nakhon Pathom. Shortly after the statue was created, the municipality of Wat Phra Bang asked him to take over the position of abbot of Wat Phra Bang. He accepted the request and remained there until his death on 06/30/2002.

During the last years of his life, Luang Pho Pern became world famous for his sacred tattoos (Yants) and the tattoo festival organized by the temple in March every year.


*** LP Nain ou Naen.

LPNainLP Nain or Naen is the main abbot of the temple "Wat Bhan Thung Kaset" in the province of Isan in the northeast of Thailand. LP Nain is one of the greatest Magicians in Thailand, recognized as the reincarnation of a very great Magician Lersi from the past Pho Phu Lüssi. It is during sudden trances that he takes on the features of his past reincarnation and that he speaks a very ancient language to the amazement of the witnesses present. During his trances, he receives the vision of new amulets as well as the Rituals necessary to design them. LP Nain's amulets are therefore particularly sought after because they are rare and powerful.


*** LP Hong (1917-2014).


Luang Phu Hong Phromapanyo (Phra Khru Prasat Phrommakhun) was the abbot of the temple "Wat Susan Thung" (Wat Petchburi) in northern Thailand. Luang Phu Hong belongs to the great masters of magic, his amulets are particularly effective.

They protect against black magic, evil ghosts, negative energy, Voodoo, curses and other negative magical practices. They will promote great protection, a lot of luck and prosperity to their bearers.

His Phra Khun Paen amulets are among the most effective in Thailand. His many great achievements have made Luang Phu Hong a name of international renown, not only for his mastery of Magic, but also for his diligent practice, his achievements in his many temple restoration works, and his material renunciation in his own style. of life.

Since his passing on March 5, 2014, his amulets have declined tremendously, as devotees around the world collect the last remaining amulets of this Master, whose worldwide popularity has made him a household name on various continents, and whose great Metta will forever be remembered by his followers.


*** LP Khambu ou Kambu (1922-2014).


Luang Phu Kambu Kutangtachitang Toh was the abbot of Wat Chom Phu Kut in northeast Thailand. Luang Phu Kambu was one of the most famous monks in the province of Ubon Ratchathani and a Grand Master of the old school of Khmer magic. Luang Phu Kambu was an Arya Sangha (enlightened saint) whose magical power was recognized, as was his correct and diligent practice of Vinaya (monastic discipline), making his purity an essential aspect of the miraculous power of his amulets. His magic amulets are particularly powerful and effective. He sadly left us in Feb 2014.




*** Ajarn Perm Praidam.




Ajarn Perm is a very great magician from Bangkok known throughout Asia for the formidable power of his voodoo amulets of attraction and seduction.



*** Kruba Kritsana (ou Krissana).

krubakristanaKruba Kritsana is the senior abbot of Wat Pah Mahawan in the province of Isan in eastern Thailand. He spent more than twenty years in the forests of Laos and Cambodia with great master magicians Lersis in order to master very powerful spells of the powerful Visha Magic. Kruba Kritsana and Kruba Beng are the sole holders of the powerful Magic of Master Lersi Siha Racha. His amulets are inimitable and the spells unique and powerful. His "king of butterflies" amulets promoting protection, charm, luck and prosperity are also real works of art that are highly sought after but also very copied (many fakes circulate on online auction sites and even on Thai sites !).


*** LP O Putto Raksa.



LP O Putto Raksa is the abbot of Wat Sisuphon in Petchaboon Province in central Thailand. He studied Magic with his grandfather who was the disciple of Somdej Loon (Laotian Grand Master) including powerful spells for prosperity and the use of magic herbs in amulets. His amulets are particularly powerful and recognized in Thailand.



*** LP Yam.



LP Yam was the abbot of Wat Sam Ngam in the Nakhom Pathom province in central Thailand. He was the disciple of LP Tae (1891-1981) who taught him his magical art from the Khumans Thong. The Tong Prai Khumans of LP Yam are among the most powerful that exist and they often manifest themselves in their owners bringing them much luck and prosperity. LP Yam was a very well known and highly respected master in Thailand. LP Yam passed away peacefully on August 27, 2017.


*** LP Inn.


LP Inn was the abbot of Wat Nongmek in the province of Surin in northeast Thailand. He was an expert in the powerful Visha Khmer Magic and specialized in charm and seduction amulets. LP Inn was ordained in 1954 and then studied the magic art with very great masters for ten years in Cambodia. Its charm and seduction amulets are particularly powerful and recognized in Thailand. LP In passed away peacefully on September 16, 2015.



*** LP Key (ou Ki - Kee).


LP Key is the abbot of Wat Seelum Yong in the province of Surin in northeast Thailand. He is a very great master of meditation and learned the art of Visha Khmer Magic by doing retreats in the mountains with great masters in Cambodia for many years. His amulets are very popular and LP Key is recognized as one of the best masters of powerful Khmer Visha Magic in Thailand.



*** Kruba Ariyachat.

334558876347Kruba Ariyachat of Wat Saeng Potiyan in the Chang Rai area is an accomplished master of meditation and the powerful Visha Magic. From an early age, he showed a great ability to meditate through "nirogosam" practice retreats where for thirteen days he remained locked in a hut without food, only a little water and without any movement. Kruba Ariyachat was initiated into powerful Visha Magic by great masters like Kruba Chan Tip and Kruba Thuehang. Kruba Ariyachat possesses exceptional abilities and many recognize him as a Buddha of the past (Arahant). His Amulets are highly sought after and renowned in Thailand.



*** LP Sawad.


LP Sawad is the abbot of Wat Sri Kaset Sukh in Phayao in the northeast of Thailand. He is considered a Lersi (or Ruesi) because before becoming a monk he spent many years learning the Magical arts as well as Vipassana meditation in the forest in solitary retreat and obtained great "Jhanic" powers allowing him to design very powerful amulets.



*** LP Rit Ratnachoto.


LP Rit Ratnachoto is the abbot of Wat Chonlapratan in Buriram in northeast Thailand. He is a great master of magic well known in the Issan region for his Jing Jok (or Jinjok) amulets engraved with Magic Yants in the horn of buffalo or deer but also for his Khuman Tong and his Phra Khunpen amulets particularly powerful and sought after.





*** Lersi Sompit


Lersi Sompit was born in the province of Lopburi. During his youth, very interested in Magic and the occult sciences, he was initiated into Laotian Magic and then was ordained a monk at the age of 20. For 15 years he learned the different meditation techniques but also perfected himself in astrology, fortune spells, powerful magic incantations... During these years they spent a lot of time in the forest to perform Tu Dong meditation retreats. and improve. It was during one of these solitary retreats that he met a great master of magic, the venerable Lersi Puth in the Petchabun region and decided to stay by his side to learn and finally be ordained Lersi at the age of 35. At 50, Lersi Sompit is a recognized master and his baths in boiling oil on fire attract crowds and prove to everyone that Magic is present in our world through these authentic masters. Lersi Sompit's Amulets are particularly rare, powerful, and highly sought after.



*** Ajarn Phun (ou Ta Poon)

Ajarn_PhunAjarn Phun or sometimes written Ta Poon is a great magician who lives permanently withdrawn in the Forest located in the northeast of Thailand. He was instructed in Laossian and Thai Magic by very great masters, we are talking about 295 masters of Magic, sorcerers and necromancers! like LP Suang for 15 years, LP Derm, LP Tob... Before retiring to the forest, Ajarn Phun had a career as a commander in the army and had already mastered invulnerability spells, according to witnesses, he was able to go directly into the opposing camp under a rain of bullets and remove the weapon from the hand of his enemy! He also perfectly masters powerful spells of seduction and charm, according to witnesses, Ajarn Phun was a great seducer and had at least one girlfriend in each region of Thailand! even at 84 he had a 27-year-old girlfriend! Now he lives secretly in the forest and few people can meet him so his Amulets are particularly rare and sought after!


*** LP Moon (1894-2003) LP_Moon

LP Moon is one of the greatest masters of magic in Thailand who lived up to 109 years under the reigns of kings Rama 5 to Rama 9! LP Moon was born in 1894 into a farming family. Novice at the age of 14 and ordained at the age of 23 under the direction of Phra Ajahn Asdi at Wat Baan Jann in the province of Sisaket (Eastern Thailand). LP Moon then spent 50 years of his life learning the magical arts from the greatest masters of the time by traveling extensively through South Asia but also by practicing many Tudong retreats in the forest. He inherited the art of making magic powders and magic alloys directly from Phra Ajahn Sri Chantasiri from the line of LP Toh directly! His Amulets have become very rare because they are highly sought after throughout Asia for their undeniable power.



***Kruba Tamma Muni (ou Thammamunee)kruba_tamunee

Kruba Tamma Muni was ordained at the age of twelve and quickly demonstrated uncommon abilities to understand Magic and help people. He is currently the abbot of Wat Pa Puttasatan Supradit in the province of Maha Sarakham. Kruba Tamma Muni is a great master of Magic and particularly Scorpion Magic known as Wicha Maeng Pong who has a vast collection of powers ranging from powerful Seduction Enchantments (Maha Sanaeh and Magic Kama Sutra), wealth and fallout of money, protection and Escape from deadly dangers through the protective powers of Klaew Klaad, Pongan Pit (Anti Poison) and Gae Aathan (against dark magic).




*** Phra Ajarn Somporn Somwaro (ou LP Yai)

ajarn_sompornLP Somporn (Phra Ajarn Somporn Somwaro) is the abbot of Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee in Nakhon Pathom. He has deep magical knowledge and is one of the few masters capable of extracting Lek Lai (supernatural mineral see in the Amulets classes section). LP Somporn is an excellent magic master. He uses his magic skill to help people. It is only in Thailand that we still find a few masters (kru-ba-ar-jarn) who know how to recognize the presence of Lek Lai. They are also experts in the art of transforming Lek Lai into various amulet forms.

*** LP Kloy (1929-2015)

LP_KloyLP Kloy was the abbot of Wat PuKowThong in Phatthalung province. He was born in Phatthalung on February 9, 1929. He was a novice at Wat DaunSaLa at the age of 19 and was ordained a monk on March 1, 1950 at Wat KuanBunTaRarm. He was ordained by LP Ied (LP Kloy's uncle), Phra MaHa Jerm and Phra Kru GarChard. He is an expert in mindfulness concentration (Vipassana). Also, he started studies of Visha (magic) and learned how to make effective amulets with LP Ied at Wat KowOr who was a very famous guru with deep knowledge of Visha highly respected in southern Thailand. Many gurus such as Lersis, Brahmans, Ajarns study Hoon Pa Yon making from Phra Arjarn Kloy who inherited the knowledge of magic making from Hoon Pa Yon. His Amulets are particularly powerful and sought after.

*** LP Watchara

lpwatcharaLP Watchara Akawonno is the current abbot of Watthamfad and is a perfect master of all mindfulness meditation (vipassana). He received all the secrets and methods of making Magic Amulets and Talismans from LP Samrit, one of the greatest masters of Visha Magic in Thailand. One could say that LP Watchara is the only one who got the complete instructions from LP Samrit. LP Watchara is now recognized and very popular for his knowledge of Visha (supernatural arts) and for the effectiveness of his Amulets.
LP Watchara's power of meditation is such that every day many people come to meet him to obtain his blessing but also to free them from evil spirits through powerful exorcisms.





*** LP Tim (1913-2009)LP_Tim

Luangpu Tim of Wat Phrakao was a very great master of Buddhism expert in mindfulness meditation taught by LP Jong and LP Sodh. He then spent many years in retreat in deep forests to perfect his meditation and his powerful Visha Magic. He is very famous in Thailand. Luangpu Tim amulets bring great protection against dangers, evil spirits, promote attractiveness, respect for all others, fortune, health and luck. His Sacred Amulets and Rings are famous, rare, valuable and highly sought after.


*** Ajarn Plian (1938). Ajarn_Plian
Arjarn Plian is an excellent magic master from the province of Phattalung, in the south of Thailand. He studied magic at KowOor (now Wat KowOor in Phatthalung), where the oldest magic school in Thailand is located. The people of the South have great faith in its highly regarded magical powers. Today, Arjarn Plian performs the rituals for Wat KowOor. Arjarn Plian says he does what he loves and is happy to apply his magical skills to help beings out of compassion through useful and effective magic.




*** Ajarn Wira Taep

Ajarn_Wira_TaepAjarn Wirataep is the Looksit (disciple) of Luang Phu Tao of Wat Khao Grating (Lopburi). Luang Phu Tao trained him in the use of Magic for wealth, as well as powerful spells like the Kata dern Taat. Thanks to his master, he learned to master many spells of the powerful Wicha Magic. Before that, he had already practiced and studied Saiyasart (Thai magic) for many years with many masters of the powerful "Prai" charm oils and "Maha Sanaeh" charm spells. After a retreat in the forest, he learned to speak with the 'Jao tee' (Local Mighty Devas) to ask him to help him alleviate the sufferings of beings with powerful amulets and blessings. He is also very skilled in the art of Sakyant tattoos and making very accurate horoscopes. His charm and protection amulets are particularly powerful, effective and sought after.


*** LP Nong (1920 - 26 juillet 2015).LP_Nong

LP Nong was born in Lop Buri province. LP Nong was a novice at the age of 12 to study Dharma and magic with his uncle, LP Derm of Wat NongPho then with LP Gob of Wat KowSaRiKa and also with the very famous LP OhPahSee in Bangkok. LP Nong had immense knowledge of Fire Visha Magic (Kasin Fai), spiritual tattoos (Sakyants), the art of making magic knives (Mitmor) and of course powerful Amulets. LP Nong was also a great master of Theravada Buddhism expert in mindfulness meditation which he taught at Wat WangSiThong until his death. LP Nong was inhabited by the Spirit of Lersi Tafaï and gave many advices to his disciples. His amulets are very famous in Thailand and particularly effective in physical and occult protection against bad omens but also to promote honors and wealth.





*** LP Chamnan (1970)LP_Chamnan

Luang Por Chamnan very quickly became a recognized grand master of magic, like many other great masters of the past such as Luang Phu Tim Issarigo, Luang Por Kasem, LP Thuad, LP Suk and Luang Phu To with whom he communicates through medium to the creation of his Amulets. Out of compassion and to support the temples, he will create and bless many Amulets and magic items in many small temples. LP Chamnan leaves 100% of the funds raised to small temples which are often very poor.
Hence many of the patterns are not known and only the most passionate devotees who follow every move of this very busy and selfless monk have access to these powerful items.
LP Chamnan is recognized as a high-ranking master of national significance, with hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. The power of his Amulets has been proven by devotees around the world for many years and his Amulets remain among the most popular of the current era.
*** LP Phrom (1942)

LP Phrom Khanti Ko or “Phrakhru Khan Taya Phon” from Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province. LP Phrom is an expert in magic that is among the most prestigious in southern Thailand. He studied magic from Khao O Samnak Tak Sila (school of magic).
LP Phrom is also a recognized teacher of the Buddha Dharma and many people admire him. LP Phrom is the abbot of Wat Ban Suan. LP Phrom was born on Monday March 10, 1942 in the province of Phathalung. At the age of 20, he entered the priesthood at Wat Ban Suan which had preceptor Phrakhru Phiphat Siri Thon and LP Khong Sirimto. After that, LP Phrom went to Bangkok to study the Buddha's teaching at Wat Trai Mit, then on the death of LP Khong, he became the abbot of Wat Ban Suan.
LP Phrom studied the magic of LP Khong and the magic of Wat Kow Oor. LP Phrom's amulets are renowned for their immense protective powers. Many holy monks also studied the art of making effective amulets and magic from this temple, such as LP Tow, LP Ied, LP Num, LP Ngurn of Wat DaunSaLa, LP Kong of Wat BanSuan, LP Pah, LP Glun of Wat Kow Oor and Arjarn KunPan etc.
*** LP Khasem (1912-1996)

LP Kasem Kamago was born on November 28, 1912. LP Kasem was the descendant of the King of Lampang of the Lanna period. In 1923, LP Kasem was ordained a monk (Buat Nah Fai) for a short period, as a merit in making for the dead his uncle, the abbot of Wat BunYeun. In 1925, LP Kasem was a novice at the age of 15 at Wat Bun Yeun to study the Dharma until the age of 21, when he was finally ordained a monk. LP studied the Pali language at Wat SeTuWan, Wat Seelom and Wat Bunyawaht. He passed his Pali exam with good results. Luang Por Kasem then went to the temple in Chiangrai, Lampang province to continue his studies in Pali. He met Krubah Gaen, a very famous monk in northern Thailand who was a Tudong monk (forest monk). LP Kasem became a disciple of Krubah Gaen and went Tudong with his teacher to forests and cemeteries. When Wat Bunyeun's abbot passed away, Pra Dtomkum became the new abbot. After some time, Pra Dtomkum left the temple and the post of abbot of Wat Bunyeun due to boredom.
The villagers invited LP Kasem to be the new abbot of Wat Bunyeun. LP Kasem continues his apprenticeship in the practice of Dhamma and Sammahdti even when he was an abbot. The more he has trained, the more he realizes that life is uncertain. His duties as abbot kept him rather busy and finally in 1949 he left Wat Bunyeun, and went to stay at Sasahn Sahlahwangthan (a cemetery in another part of Lampang).
LP Kasem was determined to practice the highest Sammahdti at the cemetery. He would sit in front of the burial site and watch the corpse burn. Whether in the scorching sun or the rain, LP sat quietly and watched the corpse burned to ashes. LP sat in Sammahdti for 3 months, homeless in the hot sun or heavy rain. Even his dresses were wet from the rain or in the cold season, when the cold wind blows, LP sat quietly and did not complain or ask for anything. LP had given up everything and was resolute in his practice of Dhamma and Sammahdti. LP was known to go without food for 49 days. Since 1971, LP Kasem bathed only once a year, but there is no stench or stench from his body, even his sweat flowed in the hot sun. More surprisingly, without a pillow or a mosquito net, LP never suffered a mosquito bite at the cemetery. LP Kasem had nothing with him. His only possession was an alms bowl, his robe, which he wore, and a piece of human bone so that he could perform Sammahdti.
Luang Por Kasem Khemago of Wat Sussaan Dtrailaks in Lampang is considered an Arahant (Living Buddha) in Thailand. His birth was predicted by the great Kroo Ba Srivichai, naming him "meritorious", and his legend is one of great renunciation and purity. LP Kasem is one of the few master monks whose power and sacredness are historically legendary, but whose amulets are still offered at an affordable price. His amulets have always been very popular with Thais since many devotees who wore LP Kasem's amulets have appeared over the decades, telling stories of great luck in trade, love, as well as tales of escapes. miraculous stories of deadly accidents and deadly enemy attacks. The amount of news with miraculous events of rescue, in the cases of devotees who wore the amulets of Luang Por Kasem Khemago, are numerous, which served as a guarantee to devotees, of the power of Luang Por Kasem Khemago. His image is considered sacred and capable of generating miracles just from an unblessed photo. Tan Khemago Bhikkhu (Luang Phu Kasem, or, Luang Por Kasem, Khemago), was a hugely revered monk of the Lanna tradition who is considered one of the greatest Ajarns in modern Thai history, and has a massive following and dedicated in Northern Thailand (and indeed the whole country). His devotees believe that worshiping him or wearing his amulets allows them to enjoy protection and security wherever they go.
LP Kasem died on 15 January BE 2539 (CE 1996) in Lampang Province Hospital at the age of 85.


*** LP KhernLP_Khern

LP Khern of Wat Klong Buri is a well-known master of Sa Kaeo province who is the originator of Khmer charm magic called "Ran Sa Or Yer Ning" and "Maha Saney InKoo Nang Rak" for powerful seduction. LP Khern is an expert in the ancient magic of Cambodia, his amulets are very popular and rare to find because they are made in few copies. He is a highly respected master of Khmer magic, with various very powerful charms under his mastery, such as the Paetch Payatorn, Takut, and Phra Nang amulets. The Muan Sarn used in the sacred powder of these amulets are obviously herbs and mineral powders that are extremely rich and powerful in attraction magick. Luang Por Khern amulets are not made for mass production but always produced in small numbers with high quality sacred herbs and ingredients.



*** Kruba Khampeng , un moine qui peut transférer l'énergie universelle.KB_Kampeng
Kruba KhamPeng was born in B.E.2484 (C.E.1941). He was ordained in B.E.2533 (C.E.1990) at Wat Khao Sukrim, Chanthaburi Province.
Kruba KhamPeng is a successful monk in many areas of meditation practice. Because he follows the path of the Bodhisattva (Buddha), Kruba KhamPeng's meditation is better than that of other monks who have a different way of practicing meditation.
Kruba KhamPeng specializes in Borikam Phawana, a kind of mind chanting meditation. In those days, Kruba KhamPeng could do Borikam Phawana 18 hours a day continuously for many years. But these days, due to his senility, Kruba KhamPeng can only do Borikam Phawana for 8 hours a day.
In addition to Borikam Phawana meditation, Kruba KhamPeng is also good at Kasina, visual meditation by gazing and focusing the mind on an object.
Having practiced several types of meditation for a long time, Kruba KhamPeng discovered wonderful sacred knowledge such as Maha Aoot Kong Grapan (invulnerability), Metta (kindness of heart), etc. and above all he knows the “Knowledge of Universal Energy Transference”.
The knowledge of energy transfer is not new. All the magic gurus in the past knew that. But right now, few people know about it.
In fact, energy settles in every object, human and animal. During this time it can push and pull, including dissolving. Compared to water which can move from one place to another and evaporate into clouds. And when there is too much humidity, the clouds can become the rain, as originally. Energy never dies.
It spins again and again in the Universe. The person who gets the best meditation practice can apply universal energy to their goals. Although it sounds mysterious and difficult, Kruba KhamPeng found it. He managed to transfer universal energy to his body and any object. This energy, Kruba KhamPeng means the Sun and the Moon because everything in the world, even the little grass, receives energy from both.
Whenever Kruba KhamPeng blesses amulets, he always transfers universal energy which includes the energy of these hermits and monks. Thus, each Kruba KhamPeng amulet has real power. Some people can touch the power of his amulets. They said that upon touching the amulet, they felt the sensation of an electric current flowing gently from the amulet.
In fact, if our mind is open we can touch sacred energy which will be very helpful in developing our meditation because when we touch sacred energy our mind will go deeper into meditation and it can also be developed into telepathy.
Many testimonies attest to the power of Kruba KhamPeng Amulets for protection, luck, wealth and charm over others.

*** Kruba DechKruba_Dech

Another outstanding Magic Master! Kroo Ba Dech is a sorcerer monk renowned for his Magic all over the world with tens of thousands of devotees around the world. He lives simply in the monastery of the ashram of the forest (Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Ratanakosin) and practices meditations in a famous haunted cemetery not far from there where no one would like to spend a night... Kroo Ba Dech is especially known for its Lanna Buddhakun Buddhist amulets preserving ancient methods of making, and its Khmer necromantic potions and occult charms. Her amulets have always been made according to ancient formulas of sorcery, with the rarest and most powerful magical ingredients like sacred powders from Muan Sarn and oil potions from Nam Man Prai. He practices his Magical Rituals and charges his amulets in the cemeteries of the forest according to the Traditions of ancient ritual magick. His expert practice has led him to master a wide range of magic spells (Wicha), whether for Takrut amulets, Potions, holy powders (Muan Sarn) or cast metal alchemical amulets. His Amulets and Potions are produced in small quantities and are highly sought after.


*** Kruba Or (1915-2016)Kruba_Or

Kruba Or (former abbot of Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai Province) was a well-known great Buddhist master in northern Thailand. He was 20 years old a soldier of the kingdom of Shan (an ethnic group of Myanmar) and had a sacred tattoo of invulnerability on his head tattooed by Jowfa Saeng Chiang, the king of Shan.

KB Or was born in 2458 B.E. (1915 C.E.) in Myanmar in the Kingdom of Shan, an ethnic group of Myanmar living in the mountains near the Thai-Myanmar border. He began the study of Buddhism as a novice from 7 to 15 years old then he resigned to become a soldier and serve the nation during the Second World War. After that, he was ordained again by Buddhist Patriarch of Shan Kingdom. After his ordination, he learned magic from many great northern magic masters. He specialized in Shan magic and gathered a lot of magical knowledge until he became a seasoned expert.

KB Or was a very good and compassionate monk. He lived very simply and seriously followed the precepts and teachings of Buddhism. He liked to practice Dharma in deserted temples because he wanted every temple to have a monk in order to preserve Buddhism.

Before his death, KB Or moved to Wat Denchai (in Chiang Mai) in mid-2016.
On October 24, 2016, at 4:05 a.m., 101-year-old Kruba Or died peacefully after waking up to perform a morning ritual. Since his departure, his Amulets have been particularly sought after by his many disciples around the world because they are made in few copies and are particularly powerful.


*** LP SimpaleLP_Simpalee

According to legend LP Simpale was born in 1896 with a Yant inscribed on his body! Impossible to know if it's true but in any case his Amulets have such an Energy that they produce many miracles. At 15, LP Simpale was ordained a novice and then began to learn the powerful Cambodian Visha Magic with the monks. At 22, LP Simpale was ordained a monk by Grand Masters LP Mun and LP Waen. Then he retired to Cambodia for 25 years to achieve mindfulness but also to become an expert in the powerful Cambodian Visha Magic. LP Simpale is learned and speaks several foreign languages ​​including English which he taught to students in India for 7 years during his pilgrimages in the footsteps of the Buddha. On his return from India, he had a temple built in the region of Buriram and became its abbot at the age of 24. Later he became an ambassador of Buddhism to Phra Somdej Sankaraj the Patriarch of Thailand to teach Dharma all over the world. In 2003, he built Wat Pawichai Ruamit in the province of Loei and has been its abbot ever since. What about his Amulets which are as much a legend as himself! The secret magic powder that he uses in his Amulets has impressive energetic qualities that produce astonishing miracles.

*** LP WhaneLP_Whane

LP Whane Yanthaselo, well known as “Phra Ajarn Whane Tathip” is a qualified Visha Master of Magic, current Abbot of Wat Papu Kang in Kalasin Province, Northeast Thailand. "Tathip" means "magic eyes". People say that LP Whane knows the future because he can perceive people's horoscopes. In fact, LP Whane has very advanced astrological knowledge. LP Wan carries on the magic of his master “Luang Pu Yai or Phra Tamasontorn” who was the former abbot of Wat Papu Kang. Luang Pu Yai died at the age of 108 and after his death his body did not decompose. Luang Pu Yai taught the dharma and mantras of LP Whane. Furthermore, LP Whane was a hermit (Lersi) and learned magic from many great masters of magic. His protection amulets against evil spirits and black magic are very powerful and famous.


*** LP PhunLP_Phun

LP Phun (LP Phun Thammapalo) of Wat Paban Sang in Roi Et Province is a Buddhist pilgrim monk (forest monk). He started the pilgrimage when he was a novice. This pilgrimage is called Tudong, a monk's journey generally on foot in the woods in total retreat with the main objective of remaining calm through meditation until awakening and then spreading the teachings of Buddha. LP Phun has been on pilgrimage all his life. He received dharma and magical teachings from many ancient great masters of Magic such as LP Mun Puritatto, LP Fun of Wat Tham Gong Pen, LP Waen, LP Chob... LP Phun is a monk with strong mental power and magical. For 40 years, disciples around the world have paid homage to him. His Amulets report many miracles and are highly sought after.



*** LP SuppasitLP_Suppasit

LP Suppasit also known as Phra Ajarn Suppasit is the abbot of Wat Nam Banchon in Bangkok. He is experienced in the magic and mantras of the Lanna tradition. LP Suppasit was initiated from his youth and knows perfectly the magic scriptures, the Kathas, the powerful spells of the Lanna tradition. He is a master of Buddhism who is very humble and compassionate, he helps many people in distress. LP Suppasit is a real expert in Amulets but also very old magic tattoos. These Amulets are powerful and highly sought after throughout Thailand.



*** Ajarn ProthAjarn_Proth_new

Ajarn Proth of Samnak Phu Sanaeh Khobutra Ashram is a reclusive hermit sorcerer, who focuses on the use of pure undiluted sacred Muan Sarn ingredients (very powerful magic powders), and whose amulets are now highly sought after by devotees all over the world.

He uses the finest herbal, elemental and necromantic "Muan Sarn" to produce the most authentic formulas, according to the ancient Dtamra magic grimoires of Wicha Saiyasart.

It adheres to the use of only the rarest and most powerful Muan Sarn, as well as all the long methods of empowerment and incantations, which are required by the ancient formulas of occult sorcery.

His amulets are only made in small numbers, each amulet being individually empowered and remaining true to the methods of old, which are very time consuming, but are the most powerful and authentic.

His amulets range from affordable to incredibly expensive, depending on the item in question. Some of his spells and amulets are unique handcrafted items, which use the highest concentration of Muan Sarn Sarn, and carry a price that reflects their rarity and the high quality of the potent concentrated Muan Sarn used in their crafting.


*** Kruba SubinKruba_Subin

Kruba Subin Sumaythaso was a Buddhist novice from Wat SeePaDoo, Chiang Mai Province. He is an expert in mindfulness meditation. He was ordained at the age of 20 at Wat BanPay, Chiang Mai Province. Then he studied meditation and magic with many monk gurus in Thailand. Kruba Subin was a disciple of LP Duang who was an expert in lucky magic. In addition, Kruba Subin learned many magics such as "Visha Thian Maha Setthi Pan Yang" (Sacred Candle Magic) from Kruba In-Gaow of Wat PahNgae, "Visha Hua Jai ​​Suea Saming" from Kruba No of Wat Ban Pong, the magic of "Thep Si Hu Ha Ta" by Kruba Chaiyawong, the magic of the invulnerable by "Phra Kru SiriSupajarn of Wat Pa Khu". Also many magic charms against bad luck from Ajarn Suwan. Kruba Subin also learned how to create "Takrut Kao Chakkrawan" and "Takrut Suea Saming" from "Poh Nan DuangTa" who was a disciple of KB Srivichai and Ajarn ThaoThongDee (Cambodian). Also Kruba Subin learned the magic of charm and treatment from Ajarn Buh Bu Ong (Cambodian) and Ajarn Sathu (Karens). Additionally, he studied the sacred tattoo inscription from Ajarn Yoki Khrao Lek (a magic expert from Khao Oo). Today, Kruba Subin is abbot of Wat Thong Sa-ad at Lat Lum Kaeo in the province of Pathum Thani. He is highly respected in Thailand and abroad because his magical knowledge is vast and his Amulets highly sought after and renowned for their power.


*** LP OngeLP_Ong

Luangpu Onge is a very powerful master of Lek Lai Magic who is particularly famous in Thailand. He stays at Wat Thep Sing Han in the province of Ubon Ratchathani. He was the disciple of Pra Gammatan Paeng, a former abbot of Wat Thep Sing Han who manifested a lot of magical powers. Pra Gammatan Paeng had himself learned magic from LP Loon, a former abbot of Wat Thep Sing Han, one of the most powerful magic masters in Thailand in the past who instructed many other Buddhist masters in Thailand elsewhere. In other words, LP Onge is in a way the disciple and the magical succession of these two greatest masters of Magic in Thailand.
LP Onge was born on June 24, 1928 in the province of Ubon Ratchathani. He has been interested in Buddhism since he was little. When he was 6 years old, he asked his parents for an allowance to be a temple boy, a boy who stays at the temple to help the monks in the temple. At the age of 12 he was ordained a novice until the age of 20. At the age of 20, he was ordained a monk and then he did many retreats of 3 or 4 years each time to study and meditate on the Buddhist teachings as well as the secrets of Magic including the Magic of Lek Laï. His Amulets are particularly powerful and sought after in Thailand but also by his many disciples around the world.

*** LP MianLP_Mian

LP Mian Kalayano known as “Luangpoh Mian” is an abbot of Wat Ban Janian in Buriram province. LP Mian is kind to everyone, so many people like and respect him.

LP Mian was born in BE. 2482 (CE 1939) in Cambodia. At the age of 10, he was ordained a Buddhist novice. Until the age of 20, he was ordained a monk. He learned the mantra from 12 Cambodian guru monks. While he was a monk in Cambodia, LP Mian went on a pilgrimage for mysticism.

In 1976 CE, Cambodia experienced a war in which people and priests were killed. So, LP Mian immigrated to Thailand. He came to Sa Kaeo province. In itself. 2522 (CE 1979), he was re-ordained at Wat Nong Tim, Sa Kaeo Province. After that, he went on pilgrimage to many provinces. In Sisaket province, he met LP Suang (d. 2000 CE) who was called "Thewada Dern Din", which means "angel on earth". He learned magic from LP Suang until he understood. LP Mian is also a friend of LP Jiam Atisayo, a well-known monk in Surin Province. Its Amulets are particularly sought after for their power and rarity.





***Kruba ThaoKruba_Thao

Kruba Thao of Wat Ubosot Ban Lao, Chiang Mai province. KB Thao is a masterful guru monk. Each amulet he magically blesses with powerful Lanna (Northern Thai) magic that allows many Thai and foreign amulet worshipers to achieve the best results in various aspects such as charm, luck and business .







*** LP Suppote (1945-2023)LP_Supot

Ordained in 1964 - Luang Por Suppote, of Wat Sri Song Tam, was a modern era Gaeji Ajarn who received a massive number of devotees who worship his amulets. His amulets become very popular and precious. His choice to remain true to the classic amulets of the Thai Buddhist tradition and his work to preserve the Sasana Buddha is worthy of respect and reverence, and the power of his amulets becomes more and more evident, as the news spreads across the world. the successful experiences of Looksit.
LP Suppote loved helping people. The amulets he makes are meant to help people, as he always said: "I want my disciples to have a better life."
LP Suppote has confidence in his amulets because he takes blessings to heart. He says he wants his followers to receive very powerful amulets. He dares if people want to prove his amulets. In addition, LP Suppote is considered one of the guru monks who best inscribe Takrut in Thailand.
Most of the worshipers' experiences concern protection. A man wearing LP Suppote's Takrut was shot several times, but he did not die, only his bone broke because the bullets did not penetrate his skin. This event occurred in 2009.
LP Supot of Wat Sri Song Tham, Nakhon Sawan province passed away peacefully on March 3, 2023 at the age of 77.

To be continued