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New Khuman Tong Takian Ajarn Proth

Rare and very powerful! Khuman Tong Takian of Ajarn Proth carved from sacred Takian wood and bathed in very rare Magic Prai oil. This Khuman Tong has received numerous spells which makes him a very powerful Spirit to help you increase your luck, bring favorable circumstances and attract wealth. This Khuman Tong is exceptional for helping you in your work, facilitating negotiations, charming, persuading in all types of activities or commerce. Very simple offerings required in order to nourish the Khuman Tong and for it to help you more and more each day. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

124.00 *

New Ma Sep Nang LP Goye

Very rare and powerful! This Ma Sep Nang Amulet by LP Goye has become very rare and highly sought after for its power because it is made from a magical powder "Muan Sarn Aathan" which is almost impossible to make today. She received powerful spells from the Divinity Ma Sep Nang but also In Ma and In Koo which makes it an extremely powerful Amulet of charm and seduction also used to harmonize and soothe all types of relationships (family, work, business... ) but attract favorable circumstances as well as the right people to help you. Amulet presented in a custom-made reliquary with a magical Pha Yant Ma Sep Nang as a gift to carry folded on you.

62.00 *

New 567473

Rare and powerful! Magic Pig from LP Pathe made from magical metal Chanuan and Takuts with powerful spells to fight bad luck, improve karma, bring success in all your projects, abundance, harmony within the couple or family and also banish evil and enemies far from you. It is also an excellent Amulet for protection against physical and occult dangers. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

72.00 *

New Mahasane Charming Oil LP Khern

Powerful Mahasane Charm Oil from LP Khern made from plants, pollen and various magical ingredients containing a powerful seduction spell according to an old Khmer witchcraft grimoire. This oil was consecrated by LP Khern for many months then during a major ceremony bringing together many monks will bring you a very powerful aura of charm and sympathy even on your detractors ideal for convincing, charming or seducing the opposite sex to men or women. It also facilitates protection, trade, sales, games and social ascension. Small bottle because one drop is enough.

62.00 *

New Phra Khunpaen Maha Butti LP Sawath

Rare and powerful! Phra Khunpaen Maha Butti by LP Sawath made from a Prai magic powder, 2 Sarika Takuts in silver and brass, magic plants and stones received from many masters with powerful spells. This Phra Khunpaen Maha Butti is particularly rare due to its spells transmitted to LP Sawath by Ajarn Pleng. You should know that Ajarn Pleng's Phra Khunpaen Maha Butti is highly sought after for its potency and that its price is around €2000! This Amulet brings great charm, seduction, prestige to those around you and to attract the opposite sex, great physical and occult protection as well as a lot of luck to increase one's wealth and promote sales in businesses. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

52.00 *
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