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New Locket Lersi Tafai Ajarn Phun

Rare and powerful! Ajarn Phun's Lersi Tafaï Locket made from "Prai" magic powder, takuts, yants, "Mukh Muang" magic pearl and powerful spells from powerful Visha Thai and Laos Magic. The cult of Lersi Tafaï through this Amulet and the recitation of the kathas offers total protection against physical and occult dangers (Evil Spirits, entities and spells of all kinds) but also a lot of charm on those around you by making you popular and very attractive on the opposite sex. It also promotes social ascension, prestige, improves the karma, destiny and the astrological chart of the wearer. People practicing meditation will also obtain the blessing of the venerable Lersis as well as new abilities to advance on the spiritual path. This Amulet is extremely rare because Ajarn Phun lives secluded in the forest out of sight and very few disciples can approach him (see his biography). Amulet presented in a custom-made waterproof reliquary. Note the pearl can be of a different color depending on the choice of the master.

104.00 *

New Bucha Hong Prai Ajarn Wira Taep

Rare and powerful! New version of this Bucha Hong Prai by Ajarn Wira Taep made from magic powders and sacred relics loaded with ancient Khmer necromantic invocations of the spirit of the ghost Hong Prai. The Hong Prai Spirit is particularly popular with people who enjoy playing lotteries, as well as those who wish to protect their homes, improve their businesses, and ward off black magic. The Hong Prai can warn of dangers, and even influence your Spirit by giving you lucky streaks in betting and winning numbers in the lottery (if your Karma allows it). The effigy appears in the form of an emaciated corpse, seated in a meditative posture and casting spells. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

86.00 *

New Khuman Chasuanoi Ajarn Wirataep

Very rare and powerful! New version of this Khuman Chasuanoi by Ajarn Wirataep in magical copper representing a child holding a bag filled with gold to give to its owner containing a magic powder, takut, very rare Nam Man Prai voodoo magic oil and very powerful spells to create this Spirit that will bring you a lot of luck, favorable opportunities, help sales, call customers, protection and powerful charm on those around you. Requires making very simple daily offerings to ask and thank. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

62.00 *

New Phra Kring Chinabunchorn LP Koon

Rare version and almost impossible to find since the disappearance of LP Koon at an affordable price! Powerful Phra Kring Chinabunchorn amulet from LP Koon made from magical Samlit metal bringing a lot of luck in life, health, prosperity, occult protection and against life's accidents. Very rare piece presented in a custom-made reliquary with the authentic temple box.

54.00 *

New Phra Somdej and Ganesh LP Koon

Hand-painted and very rare version of this Phra Somdej and Ganesh by LP Koon made with magic powder, jewels, Takut and sacred relic. This Amulet brings great protection, health, luck, happiness by removing obstacles to your projects in everyday life. Coin presented in a custom-made reliquary with the temple box. Last copies of this series, colors may vary depending on availability at the temple store.

46.00 *
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