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New Ghumaree Tong Kruba Subin

Very rare and powerful version of this Thai voodoo amulet Ghumaree Tong of Kruba Subin (feminine version of the Khuman Tong) in Samlit magic metal plated in gold, with a Lek Laï bead, magic powder, relics and a Takut favoring luck, charm on environment, wealth, financial opportunities and occult protection. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

108.00 *

New Phra Khunpaen Khuman Tong Kruba Krissana

Powerful amulet of seduction and protection Phra Khunpaen Khuman Tong of Kruba Krissana composed of sacred powders and rare plants with two takuts, relic and a jewel inserted in the amulet. This amulet provides great protection against physical and occult threats but also contains many magic spells to create an almost hypnotic charm on your surroundings and make you a very attractive and convincing person. This amulet with its properties also helps in trade and direct sales. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

38.00 *

New Maha Phrom Staff LP Nain

Very rare version of this beautiful Maha Phrom Scepter from LP Nain depicting the four-faced God Brahmma. This gold plated scepter brings the blessing of Phra Phrom and a lot of luck and opportunity, happiness and great protection in everyday life. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary. Very few copies available.

52.00 *

New Phra Rahu Protection Ring LP Ap

Rare ! Phra Rahu protection ring of LP Ap in Alpaca bringing the blessing of Phra Rahu. This Magic Ring promotes favorable astrological omens and improves the wearer's karma. It also provides great protection against physical dangers and preserves disturbing Entities and Spirits often at the origin of recurring bad luck. Available sizes: 52 54 57 60 62 65 67.

38.00 *

New Magic Turbine Ring Kruba Aryachat

Rare and powerful! Magic Turbine ring of Kruba Aryachat in Alpaca with Powerful Yants intended to bring luck and protection permanently and to protect you from the evil eye. Available sizes: 52 54 56 58 60. Responsible eco shipping directly from Thailand. Free Shipping.

48.00 *

New Phrai Thong LP Suppasit

Rare and powerful! Phrai Thong by LP Suppasit made from magic powder, takut and jewels with very powerful spells to create a powerful aura of hypnotic charm and benevolence on others but also to promote wealth, trade, luck, social ascension and increase in property. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

87.00 *

New Phra Sivali Kruba Subin

Rare and powerful! Phra Sivali of Kruba Subin in brass with magic powder and a silver takut with spells that provide protection against the evil eye, negative entities and spirits, promotes income, abundance, social ascent as well as 'a good health. Phra Sivali was a prince who attained enlightenment through the teachings of Shariputra, a disciple of the Buddha. He was blessed by the Gods and wherever he went there was an abundance of wealth, heavenly food, quality clothes, rare medicines... Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary

32.00 *

New Eye of Ra LP Nain

Rare and powerful! Eye of Ra from LP Nain in Samlit magic metal with Takut, magic powder, artifacts and jewels bringing great protection against the evil eye, a lot of luck for games, increasing property and wealth but also attracting customers for them. shops. LP Nain has used the powerful symbol of the Eye of Ra to ward off bad luck but also the disturbing Spirits of luck from your environment. Piece presented in a custom-made reliquary.

52.00 *
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