Types of amulets

Types of amulets

*** The different types of amulets according to Thai tradition and folklore.

According to Thai tradition and folklore, amulets carry one or more of the following powers:

Maha Phokhasap and Mahalap (fortune), Maha Amnaj and Narayana (power, authority, great charisma and being feared by others), Métta (Being loved by all for his great compassion and kindness), Chok Lap: Good luck, Mahasané (Attracting the opposite sex), Maha Niyom (to be popular and loved by all), Nun Duean (great luck), Pokpong Kumkrang (Protection against common dangers and accidents), Kongrapan (Invulnerability, impenetrability to "iron skin" weapons), Kleow Krat: To be protected from any injury (whether accident or attack), Mahahut: To be invincible (increase in physical strength) and invulnerable to blows, Jang Gyang (To make enemies confused and lost)...

* Phra Somdej


The Phra Somdej is considered "the queen of amulets" because it is very rare to find in its original form and can be worth a fortune. Originally this amulet was made by the Venerable Somdej Phra Putthajarn (LP Toe). According to Thai tradition, these amulets containing pieces of the original are also very powerful in granting wishes, excellent protection against all the evils of life and bring great luck to its wearer. When wearing a Phra Somdej, it is advisable to listen to or recite the powerful Phra katha Chinabunchorn.

According to the venerable LP Taweesak:

The Phra Katha Chinabunchorn is certainly one of the most powerful mantras that exists. When recited with a concentrated mind, one receives a shower of blessings from the entire mandala of all the Devas..."

This Phra Katha Chinabunchor is certainly the best Buddhist Talisman that exists, it brings great comfort, great protection, unexpected solutions to your problems and the fulfillment of your wishes if it is recited with faith daily. It develops "Metta", the unconditional love towards beings "our past mothers", meditation and purifies the karma of the past.


Recite the following prayer of refuge 3 times:


Think of the most holy Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh:


Then faithfully recite the Phra Katha Chinabunchorn (provided with the amulet) and make your wish.

* Phra Pitda



Amulet representing a Buddha hiding his eyes. According to Thai tradition, it is an excellent protection against accidents and bad ambient energies by making you almost "invisible" in the face of threats. It also greatly increases luck and opportunities in your life. Testimonial from a client: "Hello, I'm giving you news of the Phra pidta amulet, it saved me several times from death and accident..."


 * Mae Thorani



Amulet representing the goddess of the earth or "mother earth". According to Thai tradition amulet of health and fertility ideal for people who are tired or often sick and wish to have a child. These amulets also allow people who are a little disconnected from reality (stress, permanent dissatisfaction, no taste for life...) to find their feet on the ground.


* Look Geow / Aum / Nimit / Sakot



Amulet in the shape of a ball or marble. According to Thai tradition, powerful amulet of protection and luck that can contain powers and charms hidden by the master.


* Bia Geow ou Gae



Shell-shaped amulet containing mercury and/or sacred substances. These amulets are difficult to find because there are very few masters capable of making them. According to Thai tradition, it is a powerful amulet of protection against black magic, ghosts, evil spirits as well as bad energies or negative thoughts surrounding you.


* Takuts (or Takruts)



Amulet in the shape of a small cylinder containing a sheet of metal or other engraved with magic symbols and charged by the master. According to Thai tradition the takuts can have different powers depending on the inscriptions brought by the master, the most famous are the invulnerability takuts which make the skin hard as concrete and even explode the bullets in firearms in order to injure the aggressor. Some takuts are intended to make people more self-confident and permanently charm those around them (“Metta maniyom” power).




* Phra Kling (or Phra Kring)



Amulet representing a seated Buddha with a pearl or ball charged inside. According to Thai tradition they are generally health and prosperity amulets that bring a lot of luck and opportunity in life.





* Rings and bracelets of power



According to Thai tradition, rings have very different uses and powers depending on their manufacture. The so-called "narayana" invulnerability rings are the most famous. They can be made from ordinary metals as well as precious or so-called alchemical metals (In photo the famous "narayana" ring of LP Kalong, there are very few copies left on the market because the venerable died in 2008.



* Amulets in so-called "alchemical" metals



According to Thai tradition these amulets have very different uses and powers depending on their manufacture and are highly sought after for invulnerability and against all kinds of black magic (on the photo a very rare alchemical ring in lohid) but also to have a charisma and incomparable charm.



Here is the testimony of a customer about the Lohid ring from LP See: "As promised here is the evolution of the ring attached. The first photo is 3 days after having worn it and the 2nd is today. It's completely golden and sparkles as much as the gold ring I'm wearing next to it. I'll let you know if I notice anything else afterwards but I'm very happy with it, I feel good and I'm fine the impression that my immune system is reinforced because usually after the holidays I am rather woozy.". See pictures below.


Another testimonial:
As a couple for several years, my partner and I have suffered powerful spiritual attacks (black magic spells: manipulation of emotions and thoughts).
We decided to buy two Lohid power rings from LP See. Since we have them, we feel much better.
The first two days my partner put the ring on, she felt very tired with headaches. Her ring arrived gray blue and is now almost all gold and shiny.
For my part, the yants of my ring appear more and more.
Thank you very much to Magie thaï and especially to the site administrator who gave us a lot of good advice.


* The Lek Laï or Leklai


According to Thai tradition, Lek Laï is a mineral extracted in secret caves.
It is believed to be the indestructible adamantine substance of wisdom and power of the venerable Lersis of the past, very powerful capable of liquefying or solidifying as needed. It is a formidable weapon against dark magic as it makes the wearer near invulnerable and sends all negativity back to its source. The lek lai needs to be nourished with honey and the energy of the full moon. The best known forms are those of the photos, the ovoid form is obtained thanks to the powerful alchemy of the master who transforms the liquid lek laï into alchemical lek laï, very few masters are able today


to carry out this operation which multiplies the power of Lek Laï, this is why certain alchemical Lek Laï can reach staggering prices! The magic of Lek laï is "autonomous" and surprising and quickly transforms our daily life in a very positive way.

Testimony of a custumer : The Lek Lai is something I could never have imagined. I naturally stand taller, more solid, relaxed and comfortable. I definitely notice when I am not wearing it and I have fresh honey for it regularly when I lay it to rest at night. I have sourced a more local farmer for the honey and it appreciated being nourished by the recent full moon. I feel it watching over me as a whole and I feel more connected to my surroundings. My spatial awareness is growing more keen and I can more easily feel people close to my vicinity. Acknowledging it as the Supreme Lek Lai spontaneously flows from my tongue when I say hello in the mornings because instinctively I feel more than I understand of how helpful this guy really is.

* Printed or tattooed pentacles

phayanthanumankalongsak-yant-1According to Thai tradition, these printed pentacles called "Pa Yant" and especially tattoos ("Sak Yant") are very powerful means of protection because they are connected to egregoric energies or archetypes. Some masters are very famous in the art of tattooing yants but you will have to travel to Thailand. Yants printed on fabric are still an effective means of protection for the home or to carry on oneself.



* Palats / palads kicks



According to Thai tradition, these phallus-shaped amulets are above all traditional charm amulets in Thailand, some masters are very famous in the design of amulets that make you irresistible! Some palad kicks are also powerful protection amulets against all kinds of dangers and accidents.





* Phra Khunpaen (or Phra Khun Phaen)



According to Thai tradition, the Phra Khunpaen amulet is a powerful amulet of charm, charisma and protection. Khunpaen was a warrior who would have lived in the 16th century, these amulets are inhabited by his spirit and make you a very charming and attractive person both for seduction and for radiating positively in your professional or commercial sphere... This amulet assures you also a great protection against accidents, illnesses and negative ambient influences such as evil spirits and fight against bewitchments of all kinds.




* Nang Kwak (or Nang Kwat)



Nang Kwak is a family spirit or deity in Thai folklore. It is reputed to bring fortune, prosperity, attract customers to a business and end up with merchants.

Commonly dressed in red Thai-style clothes, Nang Kwak is an incarnation of Mae Po Sop, the Thai rice goddess. She is a version of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.




* Jatukam Ramathep

jatukamAccording to Thai tradition Tao Jatukam Ramathep is the most popular and respected deity in southern Thailand. The historical origin is that of two princes Jatukam and Ramathep responsible for transporting holy relics of the Buddha to Sri Lanka by boat and which fail in southern Thailand. They then decide to create a sanctuary to protect the sacred relics the wat "Mahathat". These two princes by their pure karma obtained celestial favors. Later the Thai people decided to combine these two princes into a single deity. It is believed that those who pray to the Tao deity Jatukam Ramathep will be blessed and gain the fulfillment of a better quality life in all aspects of daily life. They are also excellent amulets for protection and luck.


* Chuchoks


According to Thai tradition, Chuchok amulets are considered by Thai people to be one of the best amulets that can bring wealth and luck. The amulet is in the shape of an old beggar named "Chuchok".

Chuchok is a wealth attractor for businessmen, traders and especially good for traveling salesmen. The Yant has very many Buddhist connotations, due to the appearance of Chuchok in the Jatakas in the last incarnation of the Buddha before his birth as Siddhatta - he was previously born as Prince Vessantara and completed the perfection of bestowal . Chuchok played a leading role in Prince Vessantaras achieving perfection, asking the prince for his children, to which Vessantara conceded, and gave up his ultimate possessions and attained "Maha Dhana Baramee" ( the perfection of the gift).

The fact that Chuchok could even ask for someone's children and get them, shows the immense attraction and power of Metta Mahaniyom (charm) that the beggar Chuchok possesses. This is the reason why the Chuchok deity is a powerful wealth attractor, because Chuchok has a special Baramee (power) that allows the least likely gifts to be bestowed with the greatest of ease. Sales are so easy with Chuchok to help.

* Er Ger Fong (or Yi Go Hong)

eekerEr Ger Fong was a Chinese immigrant in Thailand who made his fortune by developing gambling activities during the reign of King Rama III, he had a lot of compassion for the poor people whom he helped as soon as he could. After his death a house of remembrance was created in his honor and it was found that many people who went to pray to his name obtained honors and wealth. Er Ger Fong amulets are among the best known prosperity and wealth amulets in Thailand because their effectiveness is formidable. These wealth amulets are especially for gamblers and traders, they also help to find unexpected solutions to all the problems that may arise in life.


* "Sarira" and "Phra Tha" relics

buddhistmiracle2Sarira relics are small beads that appear on the bones during the cremation of awakened Buddhist masters. These small pearls put in a reliquary bring the blessing and the influence of the master. According to tradition, sarira relics ward off all negative influences, bring great peace of mind and good luck in life. Unfortunately, there are a lot (98%) of fakes for sale on the internet and in general you only buy silica balls without any effect...



Better known in Thailand, Phra Tha relics in the same form and with the same effects have the ability to miraculously multiply. On some amulets containing bones, hair, nails or pieces of the master's monk's outfit, white filaments may appear like cotton fibers called "sarira" snow, these amulets are often made during the master's lifetime and are therefore no longer available than genuine Sarira relics. In Tibet the sarira bear the name of Ringsel. Pictured on the right is a photo of a sarira of a historical disciple of Buddha Shariputra.

* Nagas 

nagaThe nâga (or snake in Sanskrit) is a fabulous animal of Hinduism, with the body of a snake usually represented with several heads, often chimerical and frightening: cobra hood, dog's mouth, bulging and sometimes human eyes. In the legends of India and all of Southeast Asia, the nagas are inhabitants of the underworld where they jealously guard the treasures of the earth. Their natural enemy is the giant eagle Garuda, but nagas and Garuda are in fact only two incarnations of Vishnu, the two aspects of the divine substance, in whom they are reconciled. The most famous naga is Ananta, on which Vishnu rests in the interval between the end of one world and the creation of a new one.

The naga is guardian and protector, mediator between heaven and earth, intercessor between this world and the beyond, sometimes associated with the rainbow (Buddha descends from heaven on a staircase which is a rainbow , whose ramps are two nâgas). In Angkor (Angkor-Thom, Prah Khan, Banteai Chmar), pavements with balustrades


in the shape of a naga would symbolize this rainbow, with Indra at their end (God of lightning and rain). In Khmer iconography, the male naga has an odd number of heads, while the females have an even number. On certain lintels of Angkor, being able to symbolize the door of the sky are represented Indra and the Makara spitting two nâgas. In Cambodian tales and legends, nagas can take human form, travel underground, swim in water, and fly through the air.

It is also to the naga that we owe the fertility of the soil and the fertility of women. In Thailand there are "Eyes of Nagas" amulets, according to tradition they have the ability to protect against the dangers of water and develop magical powers.

The story about the nagas is fascinating, every year at a specific moon period in October, the nagas of the kong river send offerings of light to the Buddha in order to renew their promise to serve him, on that day balls of light rise from the river.

* Phra Prom



Phra Prom is the Thai representation of the Hindu deity "Bramha". Indeed many Thai religious ceremonies are strongly influenced by Hindu ritual practices. The meaning of 4-faced Phra Prom from the Thai perspective is that Brahma is able to offer help to those who ask him in all directions and grant the wishes of those who ask. Phra Phrom amulets offer great protection against danger and prosperity in business.




* Tao vessuvan / Tao Vessavan



The figure of Vessavan is based on the Hindu deity Kubera, this deity is one of the most important protectors of the Thai Buddhist faith and adorns the front of all temples. Not only according to Thai tradition it brings good fortune, but also great protection against black magic and ghosts of all kinds.




* Venerable Lersis



The Venerable Lersis are Buddhist hermits who live in the jungle in search of enlightenment. The Lersis tradition includes a very powerful magical teaching transmitted from master to disciple. According to tradition, Lersis amulets provide great occult protection and protection against dangers, success in business, charm, prosperity, but also the development of magical and spiritual faculties.




* Tsai Shen Yeh


The term Tsai Shen Yeh or god of wealth actually refers to a set of Chinese gods who are believed to have the power to improve the financial situation. The god or gods requested can vary from one faithful to another and the list is not closed, each being free to choose the deity which seems to him the most effective. Regarding the gods of wealth, there are many legends. In general, Zhao Xuantan is called "the First God of Wealth"; in addition, there is also the "Second God of Wealth" (Wu Xian Cai Shen), the "God of Wealth Performing Civil Function" (Cai Bo Xing Jun), also called "God of Peace", whose portrait is often in the same rank as the God of happiness, the God of profit, the God of longevity, the God of joy, and the "God of wealth serving military function" (Guan Sheng Si Jun), also called "God of war", who is considered the guardian angel of traders because he protects them and can bring them fortune.


* LP Thuad or Thuat

LPThuadLP Thuad is a legendary 16th century monk whose story was told by a monk inhabited by his spirit in 1963 during a religious ceremony. The spirit of LP Thuad revealed that he was born in Thailand and his parents were very pious Chinese immigrants employed by wealthy farmers. According to him, when he was six months old, his parents working in the fields had placed him in the shelter near a tree and a giant pithon wrapped around the baby to protect him. His parents and neighbors not knowing what to do to scare the snake away without hurting the baby, his mother had the idea of ​​making offerings because she remembered that the python could very well be an avatar of a Divinity. After having made the traditional offering of flowers, incense and rice cakes, the serpent curiously left the baby, leaving behind a crystal ball of different colors on the baby's chest. A very rich person blackmailed the mother to sell him this crystal ball, but he quickly returned it to her because a lot of misfortunes happened in his family. Only the baby could keep this crystal ball on him. At the age of 5 he studied Buddhism and at 12 he was ordained a monk, he already possessed capacities of understanding and an exceptional degree of achievement... Later he was ordained patriarch of Thailand by the king himself.


According to Thai tradition,

Amulets with the image of LP Thuad are powerful protections against physical dangers (accidents, illnesses, weapons...), black magic spells and powerful negative Entities or Demons of all kinds. These amulets also bring a powerful help in meditation and also a lot of luck in life by bringing about favorable opportunities. On the right, an alchemical Lek Laï amulet in the image of LP Thuad from my personal collection.


* The sacred stones "Mane kord"


Also called Mane kord fruit. These sacred stones are made up of sediments that are millions of years old. According to the vision of a saint from the province of Ubon Ratchani in Thailand, this Maneekord fruit would come from a tree of awakening that would have fossilized. These stones are an excellent protection against the evils of life, bring great luck to their wearer and allow healing and exorcism water to be made by simply soaking them in spring water for 24 hours.




* The sacred stone relics of Laos

images_1According to the Buddhist Tradition, these relics brought back from very ancient caves in Laos would come from "Arahant" Buddhas who meditated in these caves more than 2000 years ago. It is said that it is the power of their meditation which would have forged these sacred relics but also the various cremations of the saints which took place in these places. These relics bring a great aid to meditation and a lot of luck to their bearer. They also make it possible to remove obstacles and solve problems that sometimes seem insoluble by providing unexpected solutions.



* Phra Upakut



According to Thai Tradition, the Deity Phra Upakut or "Phra Bua Khem" is considered one of the most powerful Deities for protection against black magic and evil Entities. It also helps to greatly improve one's Astral Chart (Serm Duang) and also promotes luck as well as wealth (Maha Lap).





* Phra Pikanes 


According to Thai Buddhist Tradition, Phra Pikanes is the manifestation of the Hindu God Ganesh. He is the god of wisdom, intelligence, education and prudence, the patron of schools and knowledge workers. He is the god who removes the obstacles of illusions and ignorance. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati, the husband of Siddhi (Success), Buddhi (Intellect) and Riddhî (Wealth). Phra Pikanes amulets are particularly effective in removing all obstacles to a project and promoting success in your private and professional life.




* Phra Sivali



According to the Thai Buddhist Tradition, Phra Sivali was at the time of the Buddha a prince who attained enlightenment thanks to the help of Sariputta, then a disciple of the Buddha. He was blessed by the Gods (Devas) and wherever he went, there was an abundance of wealth, celestial food, quality clothing, very rare medicines... The Phra Sivali amulets protect from the evil eye, from the Entities and Negative Spirits and promote abundance, wealth, excellent health and upward mobility.




* Les Phra nang / Phra Ngung / Phra Ngan

phranangAccording to Thai tradition, these small amulets are inhabited by a very powerful "ghost" spirit not to be taken lightly and which requires the practice of a daily ritual in order to take advantage of its many powers:


Very powerful occult protection against spells, evil spells and evil spirits, strong charismatic power, irresistible charm, regular supply of money, link with the world of the dead, protection against accidents or bad encounters (the phra nang will warn you either physically or mentally)... The red-eyed Phra Nang specializes in charm and good fortune and the Khmer-inspired Phra Nang specializes in protection and good fortune. It's a bit like Aladdin's good genie but be careful never to use it for evil or give it bloody or loathsome offerings as it may then transform into a vampire or greedy spirit form. You have been warned. On the right, the Khmer-inspired Phra Nang.

Testimony of a dowser client on the Phra Nang of Ajarn Phun:
"Here is this night I dreamed of yant drawings around me, I feel better protected, I am less tired after the day (I work in very "pumping" places).
This day after Phra Ngang meditation vibrates at more than 120,000 Bovis Units and funny thing the oil contained in the reliquary has increased in proportion! before the oil reached the sex of the statuette now it goes up to her neck :-)".

* The Khuman Thong

khumantongAccording to Thai tradition statuette representing a young child or a baby and containing its spirit (very rare because requires that the spirit be taken from a dead fetus and it is now prohibited in Thailand) or based on an attracted or created spirit magically by the master. The practice of Khuman Thong requires the practice of a daily ritual in the form of sweet offerings and toys, it is not uncommon to hear him laugh or have fun at night. The Khuman Thong offers great protection, promotes prosperity, charms those around you and will render you many services on request, but you should never ask him to do harm or offer him blood or repugnant offerings because otherwise he would transform as a greedy ghost.


Be careful not to put your Khuman Thong in your bedroom (like a child he can't stand nudity and even less sex) or next to a Buddha statue (the khuman respects the Buddha). On the right, the blessing of the powerful Khuman Tong Prai of LP Yam. Customer testimonial about LP Yam's Khumans Tong:

"I went on vacation leaving my khumans at home it was the first time when I came back I felt that they were happy to see us again so we made recordings at home to hear them it's amazing this heard on the soundtrack:
- the sound of the closet as I feed them every day lol
- the noise of the toys that I bought them, especially a small gun that slams
- I heard them breathing, they run in the house and vibrate my little window it's funny all the same and the purring of a cat was heard (1). In each glass I put a straw with strawberry syrup, while recording we clearly heard someone drink from a straw and make an ah of satisfaction it was light I think they knew I wanted to hear them so they went are given to their heart's content to the delight of my two sons."
(1) This is LP Khambu's Magical Cat Amulet which contains a Cat Lokrok Spirit!

Important: Please send me an email if you wish to adopt a Khuman Tong because I always make sure of the motivations of the future dad or mom. Then I will offer you some models in function.


* The Hoon Payon or Hun Phayon



According to the Thai tradition powerful protection amulet containing a warrior spirit protecting you very effectively against any occult or physical attack but can also effectively protect your home from thieves.





* Phra Pirab



According to Thai tradition, a very powerful amulet of protection and fortune associated with the protective deity Bhairava. Phra Pirab is very powerful and can bring you a lot, you just have to ask him in exchange for the obligatory monthly offerings.





* Phra Rahu or Pra Rahoo


According to Thai tradition another very powerful protector against black magic and negative external influences or to correct an unfavorable birth chart or karma. The offering ritual is nevertheless quite restrictive for people living in the West because offerings are difficult to find. However, if you are interested, please send me an email because there are substitution offerings to fit our way of life.



* The Lak Yom / Ruk Yom / Lup Yong



According to Thai tradition, this amulet made up of two pieces of sacred wood (Rak Yom) carved bathing in a magic sandalwood oil are inhabited by two powerful protective spirits who will protect you and perform the small services you ask them like the Khuman Tong. When the oil level decreases it should be replaced with sandalwood oil otherwise the Lak Yom would lose all power. Ideal for increasing the charm you have on those around you and developing a business or trade.



* The magic balms and oils (Namam Wahn / Prai)

keeAccording to Thai tradition, magic balms called "Kee Phrung" and magic oils are made with plants (Naman Wahn) but also in the case of Thai voodoo linked to the spirits of deceased women (Naman Prai). These are generally very powerful means of attraction for both men and women. The use of Naman Prai oil is not free of dangers, because in the case of a real oil the spirit of the deceased person is present, if this oil is used on a married or engaged person it can even lead to madness, you have been warned...


* The Hua Thanoo ou Kwai Thanoo



According to Thai tradition, the Hua Thanoo and the Kwai Thanoo are powerful guardian spirits in the shape of a bull or buffalo who will protect you from all spells, hexes, curses, bad ambient energies, bad spirits as well as thieves and burglars who might be around.

Testimony of a customer : The Wua Thanoo katha is very long haha. It is like chanting a sutra and then a dharani. The first time of going through it was like constantly wrestling a stubborn bull. I was pulled in many ways and my monkey mind was constantly wanting to jump away from the task nearly to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and stop all together. Once I realised the feeling was like a bull pulling on a yoke I warmly smiled and completed the katha in the midst of the tumult. On the 6-7th recitation of the first one the pulling away struggling feeling subsided and I completed the recitations and felt peace. I refer to him as my good friend when I say hello in the mornings and am getting smoother at the katha recitation. I am sleeping much better and have found it much noticeably easier to wake in the morning to get all my meditative practices done before work. This is the task I have set him and he delivers. 


* The Jinjork Gaohang



According to Thai Tradition, these amulets are inhabited by a powerful "nine-tailed fox" demonic Entity subjugated by the powerful Visha Magic of the master. This amulet brings an incomparable almost "hypnotic" charm and a lot of luck in games as well as in business. It also helps to avert dangers and problems long before they arise.

Testimony of a customer : The nine-tail fox is very interesting. In the beginning was a similar experience than Wua Thanoo but in a different way with not so much pulling on a yoke but rather hot whisperings in my ear to see my character. Watching my mind respond to the presence of the fox's attempts to test my corruptibility has been very helpful in many ways. Through the katha and the prayers I say in the morning I feel I have won it over warmly and it responds positively to being acknowledge as powerful. I've felt the way it is protective of me and how sometimes my inner fire is ignited in powerful ways when I think of protecting loved ones and those I care about. The fox is a powerful ally I instinctively know not to take for granted.


* The Vetâla



The vetâla (Sanskrit: वेताल) is a creature that inhabits the cemeteries of Indian mythology. The term vetâla is generally translated as “vampire”. However, unlike the creatures described in European folklore, the vetâla is not a bloodsucker. It is a spirit that takes possession of a corpse that has not received a funeral. Generally malevolent, the vetâla can also come to the aid of those who know how to attract his sympathy and will act like the Phra Nang.



* The Lokrok


Lokroks amulets are inhabited by the powerful spirits of Khmer magic in order to attract protection, wealth, gambling luck and charm to their owner.






* Salika



The Salika is Buddha's bird of paradise. The Salika Amulets bring a lot of charm to the entourage, help in communication or negotiation, be persuasive during a job interview or during an exam.





* The King of Butterflies



The Butterfly King Amulet is truly the specialty of Kruba Krissana who was directly inspired by the Devas during his meditations for the design of this particular Amulet of beauty. It is a "Swiss army knife" amulet which includes many kathas to recite as needed to bring you charm over others, luck, protection, good fortune, social ascension... Kruba Krissana Amulets are very popular and known in the neighboring countries of Thailand.



* Sihuata (See Hoo Ha Ta)

Sihuata is a Divinity represented in the form of a monkey or bear with 5 ears and 5 eyes who has the property of transforming coal into gold. According to legend, this Deity is actually the God Phra Indra who showed up out of compassion to help a very pious and very poor family of farmers about a thousand years ago. Sihuata Amulets are highly regarded for bringing much happiness, joy, luck, opportunity and wealth to their wearer. You can, if you wish, make black offerings such as charcoal, black grapes, but also hard-boiled eggs, pineapple, bananas, jasmine flowers or yellow chrysanthemums and sandalwood incense.

* Pi Xiu

Pi_Xiu_pmThe Pi Xiu or Pi Yao or Chinese Lion is the fifth animal in Chinese mythology. He is considered a guardian, a protector, he is also known to love gold and silver which he devours with great appetite. Popular legend says that one day Pi Xiu flouted a heavenly law. The Emperor of Jade, very displeased, inflicted on him as a punishment, to eat from now on only gold and silver and to top it off, he purely and simply suppressed his anus, thus depriving him of any possibility of get rid of the riches he would swallow. Since then, it has been a symbol of conquest and gain in Asia. Guardian and protector, it wards off bad energy and repels bad luck. It is said that he is very obedient and loyal to his master, and that he likes to gather the riches in his mouth to bring them back to him and help him get rich. Let's not forget that he is the son of a celestial dragon, so he has wings like him. The Pi Xiu is one of the main protective animals of the house and helps to collect and keep money.

* Pae Rang Si (Grandpa Kimkoey)


Grandfather Kimkoey was an old Chinese man who moved to Thailand a long time ago. He owned a rice mill, so people called him 'Pae Rong See'. During his lifetime, he usually went to the Chinese shrine of Wat San Chao in the province of Pathum Thani. He loved helping people and teaching them to do good things. People have often asked him for a favor for the Feng Shui of their homes, establishments and tombs of their ancestors and most of them have subsequently been successful in business. This gradually made Grandpa Kimkoey known.
Miracles of Grandpa Kimkoey:
Some people say a photo of Grandpa Kimkoey, even without a blessing, can help spirit-obsessed people. Some had experience that Grandfather Kimkoey's Pha Yant removed the risk of fire. People also believe that Grandpa Kimkoey amulets can improve Feng Shui very well because Grandpa was good at it.


The Amulets, the Pha Yant or even the simple photo of Pae Rang Si are known for good luck in games and in business but also to chase away the evil eye, bad luck, evil spirits and black magic.

*Phra Singha

Phra_Singha_LP_Hong_10The Singha is one of the legendary lions living in the forest of Himanapant, represented on most of the frescoes describing the Jataka or the Ramakian (Thai adaptation of Rama's journey, the Ramayana) in the Buddhist temples of Thailand. Intended for people wishing to influence those around them through a great charismatic force. This Amulet also provides physical and occult protection, promotes success, promotion, prosperity and power to command. Ideal executives and soldiers.


* Phra Jao Sua

Phra_Jao_SueaPhra Chao Sua which literally means “Buddha on a Mountain”. It was highly sought after by the people especially the Chinese whom had considered Phra Chao Sua as an auspicious meaning in Chinese Teochew describe as " Wealth Mountain" .

Thais believe Phra Chao Sua amulet can bring Wealth, Good luck, Prosperity, Good businesses and fortune.Phra Chaosua are known to take care of many worshippers like their own brothers and just like how a huge mountain provide protection to his natural surroundings.

Purpose: Excellent to improve your Luck tremendously, Forever bring Prosperity & Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune and there is great power about fulfilling the worshiper’s wishes, Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap.

Phra Chaosuan Amulets are kept by many businessman in Thailand as its will be just like a big brother to you and take care of you.



*Lersri Pu-Kai-Kaew

Lersi_Pu_Khai_Kaew_dAjarn_Nanekhong_3_Lersri Pu-Kai-Kaew, a Thai deity worshiped as Pho-Yai, "the powerful occult spirit", is a legendary figure both feared and respected. Depicted as an old man with sharp fangs and a half-human, half-bird body, he is considered the master of the occult arts, and those who practice necromancy, mind control, and other mystical disciplines worship him to gain spiritual powers. , knowledge and protection.

A symbol of success in business and financial prosperity, Lersri Pu-Kai-Kaew attracts luck, promotes unexpected gains and allows you to win games of chance. Its rarity and the difficulty of its manufacture make it a coveted amulet. He is credited with miracles and the answering of prayers, particularly for professional success, abundance and fortune. Some even consider him a "god of wealth", as it is not uncommon for people to receive unexpected riches after praying to his image.




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