How it works ?

How it works ?

*** There is no such thing as coincidence !

We are sometimes overwhelmed by worries and problems that force us into a hopeless life. Often, no matter how hard we try, we fail to solve our problems or get what we need. Sometimes we fail to realize a project or an ambition. Some of us are tormented by poor health, financial worries, family problems, legal disputes...

Many of our desires or aspirations are not realized, and this at different times of our existence. There are many things around us that we find unsatisfying or that we would like to be different from what they are. Result: we are unhappy, frustrated, disappointed. How to make our lives more pleasant certainly remains one, if not the most important, of our concerns?

While some people manage to get through life on their own and without too much trouble, many others need help and “special” interventions to progress in theirs. You have certainly asked yourself the question: does luck exist? Yes, it exists. Brahmins call it Daivam (divine). It is the fate to which all things are subject and which is governed by the immutable laws of action and reaction. By these laws and with the help of the divine Energies, we can improve our personal evolution and the quality of our life.

Luck, chance, necessity and destiny, these mysterious forces that man has always tried to control, are subject to cosmic energies and inescapable forces, it is illusory to think of being able to escape them. But we can dispose them as favorably as possible towards us.

Thus, luck and success are possible, and can be provoked!


*** How it works ?

Any talisman that you wear or that is near you creates a kind of energy wave that will affect you positively or negatively. This remark is the foundation of talismanic magic. This is also how amulets and other magical representations work.

As a general rule according to the Tradition all the Amulets even the charm amulets will protect you from danger and accidents. Amulets can also be "specialized" in a particular area and bring more specifically charm, wealth, luck, charismatic power, resistance to bladed or acid weapons, powerful aid to meditation, return any spells or evil spells...

It is necessary to understand the functioning of the Amulet which is above all a sacred object blessed by a master of Buddhism not a vulgar gri gri or industrial lucky charm. The Amulet is like a battery of creative energy that works with your Intention it is not it that does everything, example if you want to lose weight you will issue the wish to the Phra Somdej amulet using the activation prayer (Katha) then start a small diet, the amulet then accelerates the process. Ditto for the money there is a law which it is necessary to know it is the law of Amra: to receive it is necessary to give! If you give to charities, people in need, your family... 5 to 10% of what you receive by Magic, the law of Amra will give you much more. Accumulate merit!


A friend had to have surgery and the surgeon wanted to make her pay extra, the day of the appointment she wore the amulet, pleaded her case and the surgeon did not charge her anything. The amulet will not immediately bring up situations but will help you in the situations that you implement by forcing the result in your favor.


If you do nothing the Amulet will not do it for you, on the other hand it can cause favorable situations but always according to what you project in your mind.
It is very important to understand the notion of Karma which is the result of the positive and negative acts that you have accumulated over many lifetimes including this one and which conditions everything that is currently happening in your life.
When the conditions are favorable then karma is realized in the positive as in the negative, we always reap what we sow and nothing can prevent this Law from applying even the best of amulets or Entity or Divinity.


So be vigilant in the use you make of amulets and respect the basic precepts when you wear them: Do not kill, do not steal from others, do not lie, do not commit adultery and do not abuse intoxicants ( a drink or two OK but no drug use!). If you respect these precepts in your life you will reap many benefits and a happy life with many opportunities because the Entities and Divinities will always be ready to help you.


When the master has created a Katha (activation formula) for the Amulet, it is very important to recite it daily or while wearing the amulet. To do this we will provide you with the written katha and MP3 for the difficult formulas so that you can recite the katha correctly aloud, this is very important.

Always recite the following formula of protection before reciting the katha if it is not mentioned:


Take off the amulets for sport/sex/shower and for sleeping if you don't need protection while sleeping.

If you really have difficulty reciting the Katha, a very effective technique is to play the MP3 of the Katha on the speakers and bring your attention to the words while holding the Amulet in your hand in the form of a prayer, the activation is then immediate. Why ? Because it is your Intention that takes precedence in Magic and not the simple recitation of even a sacred text, the amulet is already active by the charge of the master so it is not you who really activate it but by reciting the katha you maintain a connection with it and you allow your Magical Intent to be conveyed. Reciting a Katha without emitting a Magical Intention is like reading the dosage of a medicine without taking it...

Every day it is also advisable after reciting the katha to hold the Amulet in your closed hand for several minutes in order to establish a connection with it, you may feel a little tingling or warmth in your hand.

A dowser who does not believe in amulets wanted to test the power of one of our Amulets, before activation the amulet indicated zero on the Bovis rule and upon activation the measurement exploded to more than 18000 bovis units! Since then he wears our Amulets. :-)

I repeat: It is your Intention that is master in magic and the Amulet becomes the vehicle
of your Intention to manifest a new reality. It is as if until now you walked on foot and now you are given an airplane or a rocket to get around. If you don't go inside, you won't be able to advance a meter! So: imagine, visualize, invent, feel, project...!


The technique to make a wish is simple, after having recited the Katha of the Amulet, you say aloud and in the present tense what you wish according to the powers of your amulet, ex: "From this moment, I am the center of interest of many employers", "From now on I am endowed with an incomparable seduction and attraction"... And you visualize the scene in your head, you do this for two or three days and then you let the amulet act (1 different wish at the same time by Amulet and separated in time while waiting a few days), you watch for the signs but you also provoke situations (ex: for a job send you CVs, you telephone for be received for an interview...), if after about ten days you do not see anything happen, you must modify your wish which is not in line with your karma.

It's that simple, we always remain the masters and actors of our destiny, but the universe obeys laws otherwise it would be chaos.


Finally, beware of Amulets and Talismans sold on the many online auction sites and shops at unbeatable prices or which set up systems for grading authenticity or power on Amulets (like Amulets with five stars or power 10) because it proves that they are not quite sure what they are selling but are doing it anyway! These amulets are vulgar copies bought for a few Baths and come from the many Amulet markets and not from the temples: 95% fake! Don't be fooled! Thailand is renowned for the excellence of its copies... See image below.


The Amulets and Talismans that you will find on Magie-thai do indeed come from temples because I myself travel once a year to Asia and for the rest of the time a trustworthy Thai friend whom I have known for many years is paid for you. bring 100% authentic Amulets from temples with certificate or katha or original box that we have carefully selected (see photos below). If you buy Amulets from other online stores, require the presence of the certificate or katha or original box from the temple because otherwise you can be sure that it is a second-hand Amulet from a market of Amulets where the majority are false in addition to having certainly been worn by many people...


The Amulets are all delivered with their box and the original Katha of the temple, so they are authentic and sold at the best price with a low margin in the respect of the Dharma. Part of the profits are donated to the projects of the OM Surya association in Bodhgaya in India. Most Amulets are unique and difficult to obtain so don't delay in acquiring a magic item that interests you because it may slip through your fingers! If you wish to offer an Amulet to someone you will have to warn him or her and ask him or her if he or she agrees to wear it because an Amulet is above all a sacred object and must be respected so as not to create negative Karma. 

The OM Surya association in Bodhgaya in India which takes care of the training of more than 150 children!