Phra Somdej Sethi Chinabunchorn LP Tim

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Rare and powerful! Amulet Phra Somdej Sethi Chinabunchorn by LP Tim who received countless magic blessings and charms through two major ceremonies one at Wat Rakhang by LP Toh and one at Wat Laham Rai by LP Tim gathering many great masters of Magic from Thai Buddhism. This Phra Somdej was made with LP Toh genuine Phra Somdej magic powder, Prai Khuman magic powder and various powerful and very rare Buddhakun magic powder with enchanted gemstone inlay. It brings a lot of peace, many opportunities and a great physical and occult protection but also a lot of charm, luck and fortune thanks to the Prai Khuman magic powder. It can be used to make wishes of all kinds to Phra Somdej Toh. This Amulet contains fragments of ancient Amulets blessed by LP Toh himself which are very precious and make it a particularly rare and powerful Amulet. The Phra Somdej is also accompanied by a Bia Gae containing alchemical mercury offering very powerful physical and occult protection. Piece presented in a custom-made gold-plated reliquary in its original temple box.

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