Lek Lai Alchemy Ngern LP Somporn

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Very rare and powerful! Lek Laï Alchemy Ngern of LP Somporn (Mercury color). This Alchemical Lek Laï was extracted by the powerful magic Visha of LP Somporn. It is part of the pure Lek Laï "Nam Neung" and its color similar to Mercury very rare and of incomparable power. According to Tradition, this type of Lek Laï fully protects against all types of physical, firearm and occult threats. It contains the adamantine force of the venerable Lersis of the past and allows you to develop "Siddhis", occult and paranormal powers if your karma allows it. It promotes deep states of meditation thanks to the Lersi power. It also promotes health, lots of luck and opportunities in life. Piece of rare purity presented powerful and very rare in a custom-made reliquary with temple map. Only one copy available in a pretty gold-plated reliquary.

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